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Safety, transparency and professionalism throughout the entire process.


All properties are vetted by our team. This way we can guarantee and certify that all sites, blogs and YouTube channels for sale at Trustiu are real and their stakeholders are reliable.

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We believe that all properties for sale on Trustiu represent a good business opportunity. Whether they are of low or high value, they are all excellent opportunities for growth.

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All transactions made through Trustiu are 100% safe. Both buyers and sellers are safeguarded by the years of experience in our team.

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Before we put a property on sale we do a free valuation. This assessment is made by the best experts in the market which allows you to reach a fair value for both parties.

Follow up

Throughout the process, even after the sale, our team will be at your side. We do not want you to simply make a sale or a purchase, we want to create a enduring relationship with all our customers.


We have experts for all phases throughout the process of selling a property. It is only in this way can we ensure the best experience for our customers.

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Cooking YouTube Channel with 337K subs for sale - Price: 30,000€

This YouTube channel, with more than 337.000 subscribers, belongs to the Culinary niche and in it, you will find more than 28...

Start date: 2012 | Monthly revenue: 1.395,00€ | Language: Spanish | Monetized: Yes
Price: 30.000€ SOLD

Entertainment YouTube Channel with 12K subs for sale - Price: 700€

This YouTube channel belongs to the Entertainment niche and on it, you will find more than 175 videos published mainly about...

Start date: 2020 | Monthly revenue: 9,00€ | Language: Spanish | Monetized: Yes
Price: 700€ RESERVED

Animations YouTube Channel with 242K subs for sale - Price: 42,600€

This channel with more than 242.000 subscribers belongs to the Entertainment niche and in it, you will find many videos with...

Start date: 2008 | Monthly revenue: 1.888,00€ | Language: English | Monetized: Yes
Price: 42.600€ NEW

YouTube Channel about Travels with 139K subs for sale - Price: 1,700€

This YouTube channel belongs to the Entertainment niche and is totally focused on travel. The channel has more than 195 video...

Start date: 2017 | Monthly revenue: 12,00€ | Language: Spanish | Monetized: Yes
Price: 1.700€ NEW

WordPress Websites Templates e-commerce - Price: 81,181 €

E-commerce specialised in the sale of WordPress templates. This online business also offers other related services such...

Start date: 2010 | Monthly revenue: 5.034,00€ | Language: English | Monetized: Ecommerce
Price: 81.181€ NEW

Gaming YouTube channel with 34K subs for sale - Price: 5,150€

This YouTube channel belongs to the Gaming niche and in it, you will find more than 555 videos published about the Battle of...

Start date: 2013 | Monthly revenue: 287,00€ | Language: English | Monetized: Yes
Price: 5.150€ NEW

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Digital Junior Analyst

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See what our customers say about our service is a great service for buying and selling online assets. Nelson is great with communication and has the best interest for both sellers and buyers. He worked hard for months to find a buyer for my YouTube channel and executed a great deal. Would definitely recommend!

Trusted Marketplace, and an excellent team! The name says it all

Wow best place and trust worth , you can buy or sell any digital properties, website or youtube or any other digital accounts

I can recommend the A great communication with Nelson.

Honest and fast service !!

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