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Introducing our new Marketplace, Trustiu 2.0

The market of buying and selling online businesses and YouTube channels are booming; daily, the demand and the number of transactions of these assets increase exponentially.


Trustiu was born in 2019 with a clear idea to bring security to the online business and YouTube channel buying and selling sector. 


Since then, we have been helping entrepreneurs to carry out this type of transaction safely through our platform. Until today, the processes in our Marketplace have been very manual, both from the buyer and seller's point of view; even so, we have positioned ourselves as the industry benchmark in the Spanish, English, and Portuguese market.


Thanks to the experience acquired, the know-how of the team, and the concerns our clients have been transmitting to us, we have been developing the perfect platform to connect buyers and sellers of online businesses effectively and securely. 


That's why we are pleased to announce the launch of Trustiu 2.0, our new Online Business and YouTube Channel Marketplace. It is an improved version, but still being enhanced; in the coming months, we will add more features such as Login, Buyer & Seller Dashboard, where you can manage offers and reservations, instant payments and much more.


 In this article, you will discover the new features and how this new Marketplace becomes one of the best options for finding profitable businesses and securing transactions. But what makes Trustiu different? Keep reading, and you will find out!

New design and improved user experience


The main difference with other marketplaces is our business valuation method and the personalized support during the different phases of the process, always looking for the best possible user experience. 


In this new Marketplace, you will find a design according to current trends, more intuitive and easy to navigate, designed especially to meet the needs of buyers and sellers of online businesses. 

In addition, we have improved the algorithm of our automatic calculators (web and YouTube channels) so that you get a quick and realistic valuation according to the market price.


The new version has features that facilitate the process of buying and selling digital businesses:


Advanced search


The platform includes a powerful search engine that allows users to find profitable businesses quickly and easily, using specific filters according to their preferences. Once inside the Marketplace (, you will find the following filters:

  • Monetization
  • Niche
  • Language
  • State
  • Price

These filters will allow you to find investments that match your interests quickly.


Secure transactions


Security is essential in our Marketplace, so we implement a secure transaction system that guarantees data protection and confidentiality of information in each transaction. Once buyers have found the online business they expect to purchase, they can make transactions quickly and easily, thanks to our payment system. You can pay via Paypal, Revolut, Bank Transfer, and Cryptocurrencies.


Ratings and comments


We encourage transparency and trust between buyers and sellers, allowing users to leave ratings and comments about their experiences.


Interactive Chat


We have designed an interactive chat, with which the user can leave their interests so that someone from the team can quickly contact them and offer them the best possible service.


A marketplace tailored to the needs of both buyers and sellers


Our platform has been designed to meet the specific needs of online business buyers and sellers, offering content and functionalities that enable them to make informed decisions and secure transactions.

In Trustiu, users will find detailed and updated information about the businesses for sale, allowing them to know each asset's specific characteristics and make informed decisions. In the new FAQS area, buyers and sellers will find answers to most of their questions, and in the blog, they will find all kinds of information related to digital properties.


Would you like to learn more about our new platform?


Now that you know the features and advantages of the new version of our Marketplace, we invite you to explore and discover for yourself how we can help you find profitable businesses or sell your business. 

Trustiu 2.0 offers an innovative and secure platform to connect buyers and sellers of digital businesses, offering an intuitive design, new functionalities, and adapting to the specific needs of both groups. Don't wait any longer and join the digital business buying and selling revolution.

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