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Packaging in eCommerce, what is its importance?

Ecommerce boxes are one of the most important parts of the entire marketing, logistics, sales, and customer relationship chain. For many businesses, packaging is not a fundamental element. However, studies show the complete opposite. According to consumer behavior studies by Harvard University, 95% of purchases are made from emotionality. In this context, packaging in eCommerce is one of the most important user experience supports. 

Contrary to what we might think, eCommerce packaging should not be one of the most expensive items on our balance sheets. We can create an excellent superior experience with cheap eCommerce boxes. 
Today's article will show the importance of packaging as the most overlooked part of the sales value chain. You will see how you can stand out in the market using your imagination and some basic principles of eCommerce packaging. 

One of the keys that will make your business successful is increasing your buyers' experience and boosting repurchases. You can build shopper loyalty through eCommerce checkouts and grow in today's increasingly competitive markets.

Ecommerce Boxes: 5 Fundamental Keys

Customer loyalty is increasingly temporary, fleeting, and changeable in today's market. Small details can cause a customer to divert his attention to another product, and there are fewer and fewer captive or secure markets. In this sense, eCommerce packaging takes center stage as one of the key elements in sales conversion. Although, in some cases, the customer sees the product once he receives it, making the difference sometimes lies in these details.

Generally speaking, eCommerce boxes must meet certain basic guidelines for safety, size and appearance. Many shoppers only make judgments about products once they complete the satisfaction cycle, which includes packaging. Therefore, we must consider that good packaging for eCommerce must have at least these five fundamental principles:

Exterior designs

The attractive, dynamic and target-oriented design is an element that adds differentiating values to our products in the sales showcases. 

Strength to withstand any test

When designing a good eCommerce box, it must contemplate all the phases the product will have, from its packaging until the buyer receives it. We must create eCommerce boxes that resist mistreatment, weights, blows, humidity, scratches, twists and any other unfavorable condition.

The packaging must reach the customer's hands undamaged and, above all, protect the contents effectively. It must always retain its shape, colors and other physical elements. A large number of products are returned only because of packaging injuries.

Clear and diaphanous

Ecommerce boxes should contain all relevant product information. Ecommerce packaging should include information on ingredients, regulations, benefits, branding and other relevant equipment elements. 

The packaging and cheap eCommerce boxes must have a clear reading that should be done easily, in simple language and making the most of the space. 


The packaging must be safe for the consumer and easy to open or close. The outside must unusually protect the inside. In addition, it should be recyclable, reusable and environmentally friendly.


The packaging should be recognizable and associable with the product to the greatest extent possible. The design of eCommerce boxes should be differentiable from the rest of the market offer and can act as a powerful brand distinctive.

As far as possible, the packaging should have a shape, color, materials and designs that are distinguishable, different and unique to the brand.

How much should I invest in packaging?

One of the most frequent doubts among today's retailers is how much the investment in eCommerce packaging should be. For many retailers using cheap eCommerce boxes is a smart decision.

However, for successful marketers, the packaging is not an expense but a long-term, sustainable marketing investment. It is an investment with high returns and revaluation over time. 

For many retailers, packaging has become their most important business card in the market. A form of recognition and approach with their buyers on the shelves and in the markets.

Some economists suggest that the cost of packaging should be at most 1% of the product price. However, for marketing and digital product specialists, investment in the packaging in e-commerce should be based on the following:

  • Product price
  • Product size and shape
  • Weight, density and state (liquid, solid or gaseous)
  • Fragility and delicacy of the product
  • Storage status and characteristics of warehouses
  • Distances traveled for delivery
  • Responsible for fulfillment
  • Market characteristics
  • Competitor's packaging
  • Market requirements

Finally, the elements to consider when defining the investment in packaging are as diverse and varied as products, markets and customers. Choosing the ideal one is the product of in-depth market research.

Personalized boxes for eCommerce: Are they worth it?

E-commerce packaging is one of the most important elements in brand and product marketing. Products that want to differentiate themselves from their competitors should consider packaging customization.

Brands that create differentiated packaging send a quality message to the consumer and convey the brand's purpose, philosophy and image. 

To achieve this, brands must invest in designs, materials and packaging products in line with consumer demands and desires. Therefore, we must conduct the corresponding market analyses before packaging customization strategies. 

Online sales can represent our brand as a new opportunity to reach new markets, customers and geographies. The revaluation of our digital properties is a function of hundreds of elements, including packaging. 

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