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Trustiu at Digital Investor Show Podcast

At Trustiu, we are passionate about digital property investing and its immense potential for investors. Our mission was to create a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, providing a secure platform for website transactions. 


Last week, Matt Raad interviewed Nelson on the Digital Investor Podcast. We had the opportunity to share our unique approach and shed light on the exciting opportunities available to both aspiring and experienced website investors. Join us as we go through the key insights from this engaging conversation.



A New Perspective on Online Business Investing

We believe that website investing should be accessible to everyone. That's why we focus on offering websites at a wide range of prices, catering to beginners and seasoned investors. While we feature digital properties across various price points, our niche lies in the $500-$500,000 range, which presents an attractive opportunity for those starting their journey in online assets investments.

Nelson Ferreira, the founder of Trustiu, has always been captivated by entrepreneurship and the potential of digital assets. With six years of experience managing a portfolio of assets for Linktomedia, a prominent online media company in Spain, Nelson identified the need for a dedicated marketplace that securely connects buyers and sellers in the European market. Driven by his passion for creating the safest digital properties marketplace, he founded Trustiu.

During our interview with Matt, we emphasized the advantages of investing in the European market, mainly Spanish websites. Compared to the highly competitive American market, European languages like Spanish, Portuguese, and French offer a relatively easier environment to rank websites. Additionally, the sales multiples for Spanish and Portuguese websites are currently more favorable, providing investors with better value for their investments.

The YouTube Channel Opportunity


Trustiu is well-versed in analyzing YouTube channel’s metrics and key performance indicators, offering investors an exciting opportunity to tap into this emerging market.

One area that differentiates Trustiu is our focus on YouTube channels as a profitable asset class. YouTube channels have gained tremendous popularity, with creators generating substantial revenue and the rise of YouTube aggregators.


During our conversation, we shared our prediction that YouTube channels are on the verge of becoming a major trend, similar to the rise of E-commerce site aggregators. With the significant cash inflow from YouTube aggregators, the YouTube economy is ready for further growth. As investors, this presents a unique chance to explore the potential for substantial returns.


Join Trustiu

At Trustiu, we want to support online business and YouTube Channels investors and help them unlock opportunities within the digital assets market. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, our platform has a great selection of digital assets for sale. Furthermore, our experienced broker's team will guide you through the investment or exit process.

In conclusion, we sincerely thank Matt for inviting us to share our insights on the Digital Investor Podcast. It was a privilege to discuss our passion for website investing and shed light on the unique opportunities available in the digital asset landscape. We appreciate Matt's commitment to showcasing diverse perspectives and providing a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge. Together, we can unlock the potential of digital property investing and create a brighter future for digital asset enthusiasts worldwide.

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