Are you looking to buy an established website? In the list that follows, you can find several websites for sale. From e-commerce websites, affiliates, AdSense and more. Within each of the product listings you have access to the most important project metrics, visits, monetization type, technology used, site start date, language, visits chart, images, site description and opportunities for you to take advantage of. Many people want to start their business on a more secure footing. The best way to do this is to buy an established website, one that already has a monthly income. On Trustiu we have several types of website for sale, from websites that earn € 5 per day to websites that earn more than € 30,000 per month. This means we have many options available when buying the ideal website for you. Buying a website is an important decision and it involves thorough analysis. You need to take into account whether you have the resources and knowledge to operate the website successfully. Don’t waste any time and see the wide variety of websites we have for sale.

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ID Type Monetization Established Monthly revenue Niche Language Price
71 Website Ecommerce 2011 1.211,00€ Relationships English NEW 21.810€
64 Website Affiliates 2013 0,00€ Beauty Portuguese NEW 400€
63 Website AdSense 2015 0,00€ Recipes Portuguese NEW 400€
52 Website Ecommerce 2013 10.630,00€ Beauty Portuguese NEW 80.000€
47 Website AdSense,Ads 2018 3.112,00€ Social media Spanish,Portuguese,English NEW 59.720€
42 Website AdSense,Affiliates,Others 2008 1.100,00€ Mobiles Spanish NOT AVAILABLE 20.000€
1 Website AdSense 2011 28.933,00€ Horizontal portal Spanish 1.927.049€
43 Website Ecommerce 2016 570,06€ Technology Portuguese 5.000€
10 Website AdSense 2008 2.134,32€ Health Spanish 46.835€
9 Website AdSense 2016 3.877,57€ Animals English 232.654€
8 Website AdSense 2015 2.002,23€ Recipes Portuguese 80.089€
7 Website AdSense 2005 8.132,11€ Recipes Spanish 341.548€
6 Website AdSense 2015 155,85€ Horizontal portal 4.363€
5 Website AdSense 2015 1.846,60€ Horizontal portal English 73.864€
2 Website AdSense 2012 4.615,00€ Horizontal portal Portuguese 203.060€
3 Website AdSense 2012 601,23€ Horizontal portal Italian 18.036€
11 Website AdSense 2017 202,00€ Health Portuguese SOLD 6.262€
30 Website AdSense 2017 5,00€ Esotericism Portuguese NOT AVAILABLE 250€

If you have already searched our database of websites on sale at Trustiu and still have not found the website for you, please contact our team through the following email ( Tell us what type of website you want to buy as well as your budget and we’ll do our best to find a website forsale and matching your specific requirements.

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