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How to create a youtube channel? Complete step-by-step guide

If you are looking for information on creating a YouTube channel, you have come to the right place. We will quickly and easily teach you how to create a YouTube channel step by step. Keep reading and you will learn how to make your channel and monetize your content.

YouTube has progressively gained ground as one of the main social networks worldwide. Today, many YouTube channels have a larger audience than major television and radio networks.

In fact, according to HootSuite market statistics, YouTube has an audience of more than 2.5 billion users worldwide. Its users represent 32.4% of the world's population, far more than the population of the Americas and Europe combined.

Content creators who have learned how to make a YouTube channel today generate millions of euros in revenue. Subscriptions and ads on the platform are one of the most profitable means of income today.

Creating a YouTube channel is simple, following the indications we will give you. First, we must establish some necessary steps to make your channel and then what you must do to generate income.

Ready? Let's create a YouTube channel easily, quickly and with maximum profitability. We will learn the preliminary steps and the most effective way to gain subscribers to monetize your content. 

Creating a YouTube channel: Preliminary steps

Before making a YouTube channel, we have to consider that any content on social networks must have three fundamental things: coherence, consistency and purpose. These elements will make your followers identify with your content, subscribe to your channel and become part of your community.

The communities and subscribers of your YouTube channel are the foundation on which your audience statistics are built. For YouTube, the subscriber base has a very important weight and is one of the parameters that measure the growth and size of your channel.

But before we talk about subscribers, analytics and ads, let's take a look at some essential steps before creating a YouTube channel. These steps will allow you to define your identity, the category of your content and the audience that will follow your videos. Let's see:

Define the subject matter and purpose of the channel

When creating a YouTube channel, it is essential to establish a purpose, that is, a central theme to develop. Most YouTube channels follow a certain trend established by their purpose. This helps you define your content and the needs of your audience.

One of the advantages of YouTube is that you can create a channel on almost any topic. There are channels on science, current events, video games, movie reviews, entertainment for all ages and anything you can imagine.

This phase is important because it will define your tone, language, length, presentation format and video quality. But, it would be best if you considered that when you create a YouTube channel, you will face competition worldwide. This will encourage you to look for a specialty in which you can reach a niche audience with measurable characteristics.

Take a look at the top 10 YouTube channels with the largest audience and what their subject matter is:

  1. T-Series. 203 million subscribers. Music.

  2. CocoMelon. 120 million subscribers. Children.

  3. Set India. 123 million subscribers. India news.

  4. PEWDiepie. 111 million subscribers. Vlog.

  5. MrBeast. 87.5 million subscribers. Vlog.

  6. Kids DIANA Show. 87.4 million subscribers. Kids.

  7. Like Nastya. 85.5 million subscribers. Kids.

  8. WWE. 84.7 million subscribers. Wrestling.

  9. ZEE Music Company. 80.5 million subscribers. Music

  10. Vlad & Niki. 76.9 million subscribers. Music. 

Define the basis of your content

What is the heart of my content? 

What will a subscriber find on my channel? 

Why is my channel interesting? 

These should be the first questions you should answer before making your first video. Interesting, informative, educational, entertaining and funny contents are the most followed on YouTube. Before you create a YouTube channel you should be very aware of your audience, i.e. your audience. Giving your audience just what they want to see and hear should be the priority before making a YouTube channel.

A highly effective technique is to build a buyer persona, that is, the profile of the average user of your channel. Creating a profile of the average user or users will help you create a personality that is closer to reality. This will allow you to communicate more effectively and with better benefits in the future.

Analyzing search trends can be one of the most efficient ways to make a successful YouTube channel. Check out what the top search trends are today according to YouTube:

  1. Music, DJ, songs

  2. Dancing, TikTok, Karaoke

  3. Video games, Minecraft, Free Fire, Feedback

  4. Cartoon, cartoon, cartoons, caricatures

  5. News, gossip, heart news

Create a personality for your channel

To the extent that your YouTube channel has a personality, your users can more easily identify with it. Creating a personality means creating a brand and a style that is unique but at the same time identifiable to your followers.

Many YouTube channels create avatars, slogans, thoughts, concepts and other identifying elements. The choice of colors, logo, name and identity messages are elements that help create a distinct personality.

The channel's name is fundamental to creating your desired impact and personality. You should always try to create clear, legible names, easily pronounceable by your audience and in line with their profile.

Also, it would help if you thought about who will choose the channel. Many children's channels are made with parents and children in mind. The same goes for news channels or specific thematic channels.

Choose the presentation format of your content

Although YouTube is essentially a video platform, there are many formats to present your content. In this sense, the production of the content, setting, music, animation, camera layout and other values are crucial.

Not all YouTube content is presented in the same format. Again, thinking about the person who will consume the content is most important when deciding on the layout. These are just some of the most popular formats:

Video games

Video game content focuses on publishing popular and trending video game games. They show challenges, tricks, ways to play, keys and new video games. They are an excellent way to create content without major production requirements.


Creating a YouTube channel of Vlogs, are videos in which a part of the presenter's life or a guest of the channel is shown. They show daily routines, trips or special occasions. 

Some channels show a typical day in the presenter's life or participation in a particular event. Today's most popular channels are Vlogs of people showing trips to interesting places or special activities.


One of the best ways to make a YouTube channel is through tutorials. These videos teach you how to use any product, program, application, tool or computer system. YouTube has one of the most followed Tutorials channels in which they teach you how to optimize your videos. 


These videos show different products so that followers can see the features of those products in reality. Some Hauls show locations, stores, hotels, restaurants or trendy places for your followers.

Product reviews

This type of format is very similar to the Haul, the difference is that these videos show the features and benefits of promoted products. Brands partner with content creators to review their products in order to encourage them to a specific audience.

Some reviews show comparisons of the product with others of the competition highlighting its qualities and benefits. Some companies hire successful YouTubers to review their products with excellent monetary returns.


Although it may seem a similar type of format to the review, unboxing presents the reaction of a creator on first contact with the product. It shows how the presenter reacts to opening and seeing the product for the first time.

It is very common in cosmetic products, fashion, software, video games or tools of different types. It is a very popular format with large groups of followers. In some cases, the brands send products to YouTubers to unbox their products to promote them.

Training videos

These videos differ from tutorials because they are a bit more in-depth and are much more like lectures than instructional videos. They can focus on different branches of knowledge, techniques, tools, and professions.

Instructors can deliver these videos in one-on-one formats, as part of live classes or as a series of videos that form a course. These formats are widely followed by companies, universities, professionals, instructors and all types of trainers.

How to create an account on YouTube?

We have gone over the main keys to creating content and a YouTube channel. But, don't forget the most important thing: How can I create a YouTube account? Don't worry; we are going to teach you in just a few steps:

Create a Google account

Google and YouTube are part of the same communication group and are logically interconnected. Therefore, to create a YouTube channel, you must have a Google account. To create a Google account, you must:

  1. Log in to

  2. Click on "Create account".

  3. Enter your primary data. You must enter your first name, last name, phone number and backup account (this is optional).

  4. The system is super intuitive and will guide you step by step but if you have any problems, you can ask Google's technical support.

Create a YouTube account

If you have already created a Google account, you can log in to YouTube and create a YouTube account. It is important to know that to create a YouTube account, you do not need to open a new account; you can use your Gmail account or any other Google application.

Once you have this done, you must:

  1. Login to

  2. Go to the top right of the page and click on "Login".

  3. Click on "Create Account".

  4. Select "For me" or "To manage my business".

  5. In case it is for your business, you may be asked to create an account for your business but it is not 100% mandatory.

Create a YouTube channel

Once you have created a YouTube account, you can create your channel, for this, you must:

  1. Login to YouTube from a computer or mobile (from the web, not the YouTube app).

  2. Click on your profile image and click on "Create a Channel." 

  3. Create the channel with a name and basic data (All these data can be changed as often as necessary).

  4. You can create an image, a brand name, a slogan, a message and basic information. This profile can be changed infinitely.

  5. Check that all data are correct and confirm by clicking on "Create a Channel".

Create a channel for your business or for a third party

If you are not the only manager of the channel or it is a corporate account with different users, the steps are a little different. To create a corporate or multi-user channel, you must:

  1. Create a channel with the name of a company (or other).

  2. Follow these instructions to create a channel with more than one manager or owner. 

  3. You can connect your channel to a branded account if you want to use a YouTube name other than your Google account. Learn more about branded accounts.

  4. Log in to YouTube from a computer or via its mobile website.

  5. Go to the channel list.

  6. Create a new channel or use a branded account that is already available.

  7. Click on "Create a New Channel."

  8. You can create a YouTube channel that is linked to your brand account. To do so, choose the corresponding brand account from the list that appears. 

  9. You cannot create a new YouTube channel if the brand account has a channel already created. 

  10. Define the name of the channel and click on "Create."

  11.  If you want to include an administrator, you must enter "Change owners and administrators of a channel" from your brand account.

Creating a YouTube channel is simple and is one of the most profitable ways to monetize your content. YouTube channels are high-value digital assets that generate growing and exponential income. We hope this guide has been useful. If you still have questions or want us to advise you, don't hesitate to contact us.

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