The videos of this channel are videos of animations of everyday objects. Animations that try to give life to these objects always from a comic point of view.

The channel has more than 1 million subscribers, more than 100 original videos published, and the channel has no strikes or copyright issues. Many of the videos on this channel have tens of millions of views and are videos that have become viral on Youtube.

The channel is monetized. In the last 30 days it has generated about € 1600 plus the revenue from the content that are claimed byt the channel itself. Since it has been monetized, this channel has already received more than € 98,000.

This channel has almost every Youtube tool enabled and also has the Merchandising store enabled and active.

Although the channel is earning almost than € 2,000 at this time, we must point out that this channel has already been earning more than € 20,000 per month and these numbers may happen again.

The channel is linked to an MCN, however this MCN may be unlinked from the channel with a previous 60 days notice.

In this deal is also included an official Instagram account with more than 300K followers, and another smaller youtube channel from the same niche. 


Reason for sale

This channel belongs to a company with several projects, this being a project that they decided to sell to be able to devote exclusively to other niches of Youtube.


Excellent opportunity to buy a channel with more than 1 million subscribers and a good monthly income. This channel has potential to generate more than € 20,000 per month.

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