This is a set of 4 websites where the niche is tips and suggestions for sports bets. 

Included in the deal there are:

  • 4 domains (English, Spanish, Italian and Multi language)
  • 2 Facebook pages
  • All code for the websites, the CMS, and the webspider
  • The current contract of the dedicated server (so the buyer does not have to move the files) cost €30/month aprox
  • Aprox 1.400.000 pageviews/month
  • Aprox 65.000 unique visitors/month
  • The contact of the unique investor that we have now (€100/month)
Expenses: €30/month aprox for dedicated server located in Italy.

Revenue: Last year (from august 2018 to july 2019) we had €400/month incomes by selling ad places to agencies. After july we had €100/month by unique historical investor. 

Worktime: Aprox 1 hour per week for add the new teams using admin system + time to spend for new advertisers (search, contact, place scripts, etc)

The CMS is custom made and help the user to manage countries, championships and teams. It's easy to use. 

How it works? 3 times per day a webspider run and grab new football matches from betting websites. Betting websites have odds and the webspider, with an algorythm, translate odds into predictions. After that, a mail are sent to the admin, if there are new teams or new championships to add.

We dont't collect any user information (no user registration) so, no DEM/SEM. 

Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Account
  • Code
  • Database
  • Social Media accounts
  • Templates

What you need for this business

The person who buys the websites should know the LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySql, Php) because the positioning of the scripts (new adv) or simply the aesthetic/code improvements, requires a minimum of programming knowledge.

Reason for sale

Why do we sell? Because we had a baby and a new one arrives. We no longer have time to spend to websites, and we fear that visits will decrease due to poor management quality.


Excellent opportunity to buy a multi-language site, with a very simple business model and where you only dedicate 1 hour per week to its maintenance.

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