E-commerce of Anime and Manga articles specialized in merchandising products. The online store has a catalog with more than 2,000 products. There are several categories, all of them of unique and good-quality products. All the categories and products of the website have content and are created with SEO strategy.

The E-commerce works under a combined business model of Dropshipping and Stock shipping. The Stock shipping part is managed by a fulfillment company. The online store has 10 suppliers.

The website was created in 2020, it has an active Blog and in the last 12 months it has had more than 912K visits. 76% of the website's visits come from organic traffic, followed by direct traffic and social media traffic.

The website has a value of  34,797.83€. While the stock, on its listing date, has a value of 4,000€ at cost price. If the interested person decides to also buy the stock, its value will be updated at the final moment of the purchase. 

Relevant information of this deal: 

  • Monetization: E-commerce (Stock-Shipping)
  • Net profit from last 12 months: € 20,109.97
  • Average monthly profit (last 12 months): € 1,675.83
  • Income from last 12 months: € 100,089.19
  • Average monthly income: € 8,084.45
  • Social Networks included: Instagram (>7,000 followers), TikTok (>3,000 followers), Facebook (>1,500 followers), Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Average Ticket 2021: €40/order
  • Stock value: €4,000


Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Account
  • Social Media accounts
  • Templates

What you need for this business

To have SEM experience to keep running the Ads campaigns of the website.

Reason for sale

Joining a new project.


To get an e-commerce with more than 1M visits in the last 12 months and with 75% organic traffic. Its an attractive niche and the e-commerce has built a blog to attract organic traffic and achieve SEO good ranking.

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