E-commerce focused on the sale of children's products. The website presents its catalog organized in different categories among which we can find clothing, accessories, school suppliers, items for celebrations, toys, products and decoration products targeted for children of age up to 12 years. 

The online store was created at the beginning of 2021 and in the last 12 months more than 13,400 users have visited the e-commerce. Users mainly access the website organically, a 64% of them come from Spain which is where the business focuses its commercial activity. 

The e-commerce works with a Stock Shipping business model. The website has a Blog where content related to the latest news and the most outstanding products of the website is created. The aim of the blog is to create community, attract more organic traffic and position the online store organically. 

The website has a value of 4,161.61 €. On its listing date, the stock has a value of €1,500 at cost price. If with the purchase of the web you choose to acquire the stock, its value will be updated at the final moment of the operation.

Relevant information of this deal:

  • Monetization: E-commerce (Stock shipping)
  • Net profit from last 12 months: 3.452,72 €
  • Average net profit (last 12 months): 287,73€
  • Income from last 12 months: 8,386.09 €
  • Social Network included in the deal: Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Stock: 1,500 €


Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Social Media accounts
  • Templates

Reason for sale

Get capital.


With this project, you have the opportunity to start working on an e-commerce that is already well-positioned in the market and that, by maintaining its current metrics, the investment can be recovered in a reasonable time period.

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