Spanish e-commerce of erotic articles created in 2015. In this online shop, you can find different products of this sector such as erotic toys, lingerie, lubricants, condoms, aphrodisiacs...

Nowadays, this e-commerce is among the most important online stores in Spain, with many growth and billing possibilities.

There is a lot of hard work behind the organic rank of the website. The work has been done both on-page and off-page to enhance the daily growth of the online store.

The business model of this project is exclusively based on online product commercialization. The distribution company is the one in charge of the products' packaging. The e-commerce receives orders from Spain and Europe. The major part of the business is managed by dropshipping.

Regarding the website's traffic, the online store reported more than 198,187 visits in the last 12 months. Most of this traffic is organic, representing approximately 69% of the total visits.

This website is managed by a single person and needs little daily management time for order processing, content optimization, etc.

Important data regarding this deal:

  • Monetization type: E-commerce
  • Income from last 12 months: 54.081,24 
  • Profit from last 12 months: 18.471,54  
  • Monthly income (average from last 12 months): 5.021,95 
  • Monthly profit (average from last 12 months): 1.539,30 
  • Social Media included: Facebook (>2.5 K followers), Instagram, and YouTube. 
  • Corporate blog included in the offer. 
  • Database: 11,829 registered customers


Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Account
  • Database
  • Social Media accounts
  • Templates

What you need for this business

A person that can work part-time. A person with knowledge of SEO and SEM or someone that will work with an agency.

Reason for sale

The owner has other projects and cannot spend the time needed for this project.


Great opportunity to buy a Spanish online business with good organic traffic. One of the possibilities of expansion of the project is to internationalize the e-commerce towards Europe.

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