This listing is about an E-commerce of erotic products, which has a great diversity of options available, such as toys, accessories, clothing, etc. This store was created in 2014 and is positioned in the Spanish market.

The business model consists in Dropshipping, the owner does not have direct contact with the product. The wholesaler is responsible for managing the stock and preparing the shipments. The only task of the seller is order managing the orders, that menas, to begin the shipping process, the wholesaler must receive the information from the website owner.

The website is built with a good SEO on-page strategy, it is positioning very well in the search engines. Additionally, this project has more than 20,000 clients who actually made a purchase. 

In 2020, the income reported is higher than 50.000,00€. On the other hand, the net profit for 2020 was higher than 14.000,00€.

According to Google Analytics reports, the project reported more than 1,500,000 visits since it is established on the market. During the last 12 months more than 260,000 visits were registered. Most of the traffic is organic, that represents approximately 86% of total visits.

Social media accounts are also included in the deal: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Important data of this deal:

  • Monthly Revenue (2020 average): 4.828,00
  • Monthly Net Profit (2020 average): 1.212,00€
  • Social media accounts and database included.


Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Account
  • Code
  • Database
  • Social Media accounts
  • Templates

What you need for this business

Knowledge of online environment and dropshipping business models would be important to continue working on the project.

Reason for sale

The seller wants to put all his effort in other projects.


Opportunity to manage a project that has been established on the market since 2014 and represents a good source of income.

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