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YouTube Channel about DIY with 141K subs for sale - Price: 1250€

This channel has more than 40 videos published about handicrafts and do it yourself. With over 141.000 subscribers and over...

Start date: 2017 | Monthly revenue: 3,00€ | Language: | Monetized: Yes
Price: 1.250€ SOLD

Youtube channel about Electric Tools with 15K subs for sale - Price: 6.500€

In this Youtube channel, you will find more than 375 videos about power tools repair and restoration. The channel has more...

Start date: 2015 | Monthly revenue: 345,00€ | Language: English | Monetized: Yes
Price: 6.500€ SOLD

Handicrafts Youtube Channel in Spanish for sale - Price: 700€

This Youtube channel is about handicrafts, specifically with building cribs. It has over 23,000 subscribers and has over 2.2...

Start date: 2014 | Monthly revenue: 24,00€ | Language: Spanish | Monetized: Yes
Price: 700€ SOLD

Spanish Youtube Channel about DIY for sale - Price: 1000 €

The videos of this channel are about DIY. The channel has been stopped for 3 years, however it remains active and every month...

Start date: 2013 | Monthly revenue: 10,00€ | Language: Spanish | Monetized: Yes
Price: 1.000€ SOLD
Start date: March 2009 | Monthly revenue: 371,09€ | Language: Spanish | Monetized: Yes
Price: 15.585€ NOT AVAILABLE

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