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Chilean E-commerce of litter, food and other products for cats for sale - Price: 170,745.23€

The E-commerce is dedicated to the sale of products for cats. The catalog has almost 100 different products for cats, among which we can find litter, food and other...

  • Start date: 2020
  • Monthly revenue: 22.327,00€
  • Language: Spanish
  • Monetized: Ecommerce
  • Múltiplo: 23x
Price: 170.745€ NEW

Youtube Channel about Animals with 6.5K subs for sale - Price: 1250€

This Youtube Channel is about Animal Care Tips and Tricks. If you like animals and are looking for a channel to continue your talent, this channel, with its mostly US audience...

  • Start date: 2014
  • Monthly revenue: 56,00€
  • Language: English
  • Monetized: Yes
Price: 1.250€ SOLD

YouTube Channel about Birds with 147K subs for sale - Price: 10900€

This Youtube Channel belongs to the animal niche and in it, you will find more than 285 videos with many sounds and a variety of birds.The channel has more than 147.000...

  • Start date: 2011
  • Monthly revenue: 943,00€
  • Language: Spanish
  • Monetized: Yes
Price: 10.900€ SOLD

YouTube Channel about Animals with 170K subs for sale - Price: 1,300€

This YouTube channel belongs to the animal niche and in it, you will find very entertaining pet videos.The channel has more than 170.000 subscribers, more than 30 videos...

  • Start date: 2019
  • Monthly revenue: 21,00€
  • Language: English
  • Monetized: Yes
Price: 1.300€ NOT AVAILABLE

Pet Accessories Spanish E-Commerce for sale - Price: 5.292€

This listing is about an E-Commerce of Animal Accessories. The website is positioned for the dog niche and focus on promoting products for that one.In this deal, all...

  • Start date: 2019
  • Monthly revenue: 1.040,00€
  • Language: Spanish
  • Monetized: Ads,Ecommerce,Others
  • Múltiplo: 12x
Price: 5.292€ NOT AVAILABLE

Merchandise Ecommerce supporting the Honeybee Conservancy for sale- Price: 2.500€

This ecommerce sells men and female apparel/accessories with "save the bees" thematic. This is a Eshop using Shopify and is running on personalised, very pleasing and...

  • Start date: 2019
  • Monthly revenue: 165,00€
  • Language: English
  • Monetized: Ecommerce
Price: 2.500€ NOT AVAILABLE

Youtube channel about animals for sale - 155.000 subscribers

Channel about animals with more than 155,000 subscribers. The channel is English and its followers are mostly from United States which makes their cpm's very high. This channe...

  • Start date: October 2016
  • Monthly revenue: 6.030,18€
  • Language: English
  • Monetized: Yes
Price: 289.448€ NOT AVAILABLE

Animals website for sale - €232.654

Animals website with over 1500 articles published and about 800,000 visits per month. Almost all organic traffic.

  • Start date: 2016
  • Monthly revenue: 3.877,57€
  • Language: English
  • Monetized: AdSense
  • Múltiplo: 60x
Price: 232.654€ NOT AVAILABLE