The E-commerce is focused on the sale of the most demanded products in the current Portuguese market. The aim of the online store is to analyze market trends and put booming products for sale at a discounted price. The e-commerce catalog is distinguished by its wide variety of quality products.

The website was created in 2021 and in the last 12 months it has had more than 812,000 visits. The main traffic channel to the e-commerce is Paid Traffic and 97.66% of the visits come from Portugal, where the online store focuses its commercial activity.

The business model is Stock Shipping and the suppliers are located in China.

This E-commerce is worth €266,082.33. On the listing date, the stock has a value of €23,000 (at cost price). In case of moving forward with the purchase of the online store, if the stock is also purchased its value will be updated at the final moment of the purchase.

Relevant information about this deal:

  • Monetization Type: E-Commerce (Stock Shipping)
  • Net profit last 12 months: €187,822.82
  • Average monthly net profit (last 12 months): €15,651.90
  • Income last 12 months: €967,672.37
  • Stock value: €23,000


Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Database
  • Templates

What you need for this business

Having SEM knowledge to keep managing the current digital marketing campaigns of the e-commerce and to be able to maintain its performance or continue improving them.

Reason for sale

Get capital.


To get an e-commerce with well-worked SEM and take advantage of it to work in other traffic channels while maintaining the metrics of the online store's digital campaigns.

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