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All properties featured in our marketplace undergo an evaluation and validation made by Trustiu experts. This valuation is made by taking into account several factors concerning the property, including monthly visits, revenue, expenses, profit, years of operation, type of technology, etc. Only through this process can we guarantee that all properties correspond to our parameters of exigency. In this way we can ensure that all Trustiu businesses are safe, thus reassuring both the buyer and seller.

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Publishing in the marketplace

After accepting our valuation and agreeing to our terms and fees, the property is put up for sale in our marketplace. Our fee will only be charged if the deal is completed. In this way we can guarantee a safe, professional and quality process for all involved.

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Once the property goes on sale in our marketplace the Trustiu team will do everything possible to find a buyer. Your property will be sold through our contact list and the campaigns we will be making. In this way you do not need to worry about the sale itself, as all efforts to complete the sale will be made by us. After payment of the property to Trustiu, the migration process begins. Our team will help throughout this process. When the migration process is completed, the seller will receive the amount for which they placed the property for sale, thus ending the buying and selling process. In this way we can ensure that both parties are protected throughout.

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