Website Features:

Language - English with translate google script on most pages
Monetization - Sale of libido Enhancement and Stimulation products
Visits per month - 2,600

The website was formed and started up in 2014


• Easily Run from home so incurring minimal overheads
• Can be easily relocatable to any location
• Fantastic change of lifestyle opportunity
• Ideal money earner for very little work involved

Website runs itself with no monthly charges to pay.Website Hosting is approx 70 euros per year and yearly Domain name registration is 15 eurosThat’s all the expenses you will incur.

All full Business trading details for purchasing stock will be passed to the new potential owner and the present owner will smooth the process with the suppliers.

The site can easily add and accommodate more products if you so wish, like Men’s Products, Sexual Toys, Lingerie and clothing, which will also increase profits even more. 

The website has never used paid advertising (such as Google ads or Facebook etc) so this could be a avenue to look into for increased profits.
This website generated a turnover of about £22,300 English Pounds and profit of £15,220 pounds in the last 12 months, and its average monthly profit is around £1040 pounds, that is, 1215 euros. 

The website presents various solutions in the form of products to improve and stimulate the libido, mainly focused within the female market. Has a worldwide customer base from repeat orders, along with new customers.

Included in the price is 3,000 euros of retail price products that exists in stock.


Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Account
  • Database
  • Templates

Reason for sale

Being retired and wanting to spend time on my classic car renovation.


Established website for several years in the market with stable revenue over time.

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