Website with a large volume of entertaining and funny content. The website uses images, gifs, videos and memes to create its content, which is classified into different categories. The target of the website is people who want to have a little break and want to disconnect for a short period of time and have fun.

The website monetizes through AdSense, Banner, Native, Video ads, and Guest Posting  

The content website was created in 2009, and in the last 12 months it has had more than 6.1M visits. The main traffic sources are direct access, followed by social networks and organic traffic.

There is a highly professional team of three (two content managers and a writer) who works 6 days a week updating the site. The team produces around 25 pieces of content every day. The new owner doesn't need to supervise the content production.

Daily routine operations require only 30 minutes of your time a day. You need to check/answer emails, statistics, profits, and delegate guest posting to the team members. The core advertising, including Adsense, banner, video, and native ads is all set up and supervised by our ad optimization partner.

We closely work with a web developer and a sysadmin and they are willing to outsource any site development you might consider implementing. 

The owner provides three-month support and will answer any questions you may have. The support includes 1hour call once a week, written answers 1 hour a business day, screencast video instructions on demand.

Relevant information of this deal:

  • Monetization: AdSense, Ads and Guest Posting.  
  • Net profit from last 12 months: € 48,544.33
  • Average monthly profit (last 12 months):  4,045.36
  • Income from last 12 months: € 69,448.88 
  • Social Networks included: Pinterest.


Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Account
  • Database
  • Social Media accounts
  • Templates

Reason for sale

Get capital.


To purchase a website with antiquity, a large volume of content and a good amount of monthly visits. No need to spend much personal time to keep the project's actual metrics.

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