This listing is about two E-Commerce websites and the business consists in selling gift boxes aimed to couples. The websites only contains one product for sale and it is posible to sell in every country around the world. The gift box is simple, perfect for surprises and is customizable (currently not by the website but by the client).

It has has generated a revenue higher than 240.000,00$, just in nine months. The net profit is around 58.000,00$ so far. 

This websites has a lot of potential if you have investors with you. Right now, it is seen a 30,00$ AOV that could be more than 40,00$, easily. How? First of all, it is only selling 1 product and the supplier has 3 or 4 more that could create a good landing page per se or add an upsell, cross sell or downsell. 

The other reason that you could lift the AOV is the simple fact that a lot of people have been asking to have their boxes already assembled. The seller received loads of emails saying that they would prefer to pay an extra fee if they could get its box already customized and if the supplier could create the box for the client. The supplier can do that! 

Most of the visits come from Social Media (52,1%) and Direct Visits (45%). The website has reported a large number of visits when campaigns were activated, the owner has invested in Social Media advertising and for that reason most of the visits come from there. In this case the website already reported more than 52.000 visits per month (average). Last month, without campaigns, the website reported about 3300 visits and it is still selling a considerable amount of product. 

The Facebook and Instagram accounts are included in this deal, it means  that would be posible keep working and managing the Social Media to get better performance and results. It is very important to mention that the Facebook's Pixel is also included.

There is an agreement to work with Shopify fulfilment. With that said, if you had the cash flow to invest in the product upfront, you could easily get:

  • 2.50 $ - Product 
  • 0.50 $ - Shipping cost per box (1000 units) 
  • 2.50 $ - Pick and Pack fee (Shopify) 
  • 3.80 $ - 3 Day shipping (Shopify fulfillment) 

That would bring the product cost to 9.3$ instead of 6.50$. However, it could easily charge 4.95 USD for 3-day delivery. Therefore it’d be profiting 2.15$ (the owner should only ship from the warehouse when someone pays the extra fee).

Important data of this deal:

  • Very positive AOV (around 30,00$). 
  • Monthly Revenue (average): 27.000,00$
  • Monthly Net Profit (average): 6.500,00$
  • Social Media included (Facebook and Instagram accounts)
  • Shopify Agreement
  • Two websites 


Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Account
  • Code
  • Database
  • Social Media accounts
  • Templates

What you need for this business

SEO, SEM and Social Media management.

Reason for sale

The seller has other projects, one of which requires a lot of financial effort and it is in this project that the seller wants to apply all his effort and chasflow.


Huge project with two websites. The values reported are very positive and keeping the metrics would be posible to return the investment very quickly. There is a chance to explore other products categories.

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