We want to start by saying that this is perhaps one of the best opportunities we have put up for sale in Trustiu, it is the sale not of a Youtube channel but of a company and the totality of all its assets.

This company has 16 Youtube channels, all of them related to the gaming segment, with two of these channels having more than 500K subscribers and in total, the company has more than 1,500,000 subscribers. In addition it also has some pages of social networks.

On the first image you can see the company's revenue, expenses and profit for 2018 which briefly reflect the following values:
  • Total income: $ 466,471
  • Total Expenses: $ 380,411
  • Net income: $ 92,360
It should be noted that the Net Income reflected in the company's P & L, despite being accounted as $92,360, is in fact higher than $130,000, if eliminate some "expenses" such as wages. ($92,360 profit + $42,303 = $134,663).

This company has an agreement with Facebook in which it receives monthly a fixed value higher than $6,000. This contract may also pass to the new owner with some contingencies.

The company is registered in the United States, has only one partner, with 100% participation of the company, about 20 external video editors and 2 internal managers.

Youtube channel list:

  • Channel 1: 505,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 689.38
  • Channel 2: 642,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 7645.43
  • Channel 3: 174,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 1099.51
  • Channel 4: 37,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 6038.33
  • Channel 5: 20,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 1369.02
  • Channel 6: 16,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 2195.68
  • Channel 7: 7,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 587.81
  • Channel 8: 9,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 77.30
  • Channel 9: 49,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 48.48
  • Channel 10: 51,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $ 130.18
  • Channel 11: 225 subscribers
  • Channel 12: 1,000 subscribers
  • Channel 13: 382 subscribers
  • Channel 14: 28 subscribers
  • Channel 15: 682 subscribers
  • Channel 16: 8,000 subscribers; April 2019 Revenue: $248.73
In addition to regular income through YouTube, the company has several sponsors that increase total revenue substantially.

The sale price of the company is $750,000 (USD) or 670,000 € (Euros).

Reason for sale

The founder of the company began to create content in Youtube 8 years ago and has reached a time that he would like to try new ventures. He continues to try to grow the company but is willing to sell it for personal reasons.


Although all channels of the company are focused on gaming, the fact that the company has 16 channels diversifies the risk a lot. In addition, we are talking about a company with a very positive and growing financial result.

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