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Welcome to Trustiu!

As founder of Trustiu, I believe it is important to explain my history, how this idea came about and what I intend to achieve with it. More than a declaration of principles, this article is about being open and establishing a precedent of transparency which will guide both the project and myself..

My name is Nelson Ferreira. I have a degree in Marketing and I have a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing. In the professional field I have worked several jobs in the offline world before beginning my career in Digital Marketing in 2012. For more than 6 years I remained with the same company, Link to Media, the company I decided to leave to open Trustiu.During these 6 years I had the opportunity to lead several teams and help them grow in various markets. Link to Media projects now have more than 1 million visits per day and accumulate around 50 Million visits per month.

The fact that I've been connected to Link to Media since its inception has given me the chance to live and breathe almost every stage of a startup and this is where Trustiu comes in.

A few years ago Link to Media began to buy and sell some digital properties, from projects valued at one thousand euros to properties valued at several hundred thousand euros.

One of the main problems we consistently faced was the fact that there was no platform where these kind of assets could be bought and sold. This task required many hours of manual work based on our network of contacts. In addition, there were sometimes interactions with businesses where the help of an intermediary was critical, both to us and to the other parties involved. This need was not unique LTM. As I talked to other people in the market to sell Internet properties, I realized this was a more comprehensive problem.

It is based on this experience I decided to open Trustiu. I wanted to address the need that exists to buy and sell digital properties and solve the problem of the intermediary. In doing so, I could provide a platform that aims to safeguard the interests of both buyers and sellers.

Trustiu is a marketplace where you can buy and sell websites and YouTube channels, but more than that, it's a safety point that confirms the veracity and legitimacy of these properties. By doing so, we add greater transparency and security to such transactions.

At the moment only YouTube channels and sites can be sold, but my long term vision is to allow the purchase and sale of all type of digital properties.

I hope Trustiu can help many people realize their business goals with greater transparency and safety.

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