The app is designed for class and appointment scheduling, facilitating tasks like management, administration, sales records, and customer payments. The Saas is characterized by providing help to SMEs, teachers, yoga instructors, music or dance tutors and personal trainers. Users can access the platform by downloading the App on their mobile, computer and tablet.

Clients who use the platform can book classes or appointments and buy packages to organize their calendars. The application allows users to plan their own schedules through a calendar that includes profiles, progress notes or follow-ups, photos, videos, and information on classes taken.

The App generates income through subscriptions. You can choose between 3 types of rates, depending on the advantages that best suit the needs and situation of each client.

Important information about this deal:

  • Monetization: SaaS y Subscriptions
  • Income last 12 months: €31,505.48
  • Net profit of the last 12 months: €26,908.84
  • Average net profit of the last 12 months: €2,242.40
  • Customers: 150
  • New users: 7
  • MRR: 2,800
  • CHURN: 7


Assets included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Code
  • Database
  • Templates

Reason for sale

Make capital.


Opportunity to obtain a native suite adapted for apps on iOS and MacOS and with additional Apps for Android (Staff and Self Service). There is a large and stable demand in the health, fitness and leisure market, which can be further exploited and better used in these highly valued sectors. It has a good product-market fit, and at the moment the customer acquisition is organic, without marketing expenses. With an investment in marketing/sales you can acquire new customers, so it has a huge potential to increase recurring revenue.

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