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The digital market is no longer the future, it is the present and we all know it. Trustiu originates from the need to create a marketplace of digital assets that guarantee the security and professionalism required for this type of transaction, safeguarding both seller and buyer in the process. We all know that a website is worth money, just like a YouTube channel, but how much? How is this assessment accomplished? What factors are most important? At Trustiu, we answer all of these questions and provide the ideal place for such transactions.

Our mission

Our main goal is to ensure transparency and security in the sale of digital properties, for both buyer and seller. We believe the digital property transaction market is only in its infancy and we have a multidisciplinary team who will ensure the success of all our operations. A site is no longer just a site. Currently, a site, a blog or a YouTube channel are all investment properties which can guarantee a monthly income to its owners. Based on this concept, a platform is needed where this type of transaction can be carried out. This is the mission of Trustiu. To be the largest and safest digital properties marketplace.


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Our team

Nelson Ferreira


Analytics, SEO, Digital Marketing, Growth hacking, Management, Vetting

Jessica Romero


Taxes, Finance, Payroll, Fraud prevention, Privacy and data management

Alejandro Martín

Head of Marketing

Channel Mkt, SEO/SEM, Automations, Social Media, Trade Shows, Cryptocurrency

Arnau Carrasco


Web Development, Programmer Analyst, Systems Manager, Technical support

Nicolas Garin

YouTube Deals Supervisor

YouTube, Project Manager, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Customer Support

Ignacio Maruenda

Business Analyst

Business analyst, Sales, Closing, Vetting, Websites analyst, Google Analytics

Ana Cortés

Junior Analyst

Lead manager, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, Websites analyst

Andrés Sanchez

Junior Analyst

Lead manager, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, Youtube analyst

Maria Triboi

Junior Analyst

Lead manager, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, Websites analyst

Jan Verges

Junior Analyst

Lead manager, Customer Support, Youtube analyst

Parnell Piano

Senior Advisor

Operations, Customer Success, Sales Ops, Project Management, Engagement, US Market specialist

Carles Guivernau

IT Senior Advisor

Web Development, Project Management, SEO, Digital Marketing

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